UCI Housing Childcare Programs

Verano Housing offers 2 school-age childcare programs as well as a weekly playgroup. For information on other childcare options please see the Campus Resources and Community Resources pages. For more information, contact the Children's Program Director at (949) 824-5383

After-School Program

This program offers a safe and stimulating environment for children in grades k – 6th. Verano and Palo Verde residents receive a reduced rate. Regular activities include quiet time for homework, arts, crafts, sports, and healthy snacks. The program is open from late-September through mid-June, Monday – Friday, 2 – 5:30 p.m. and meets in the Old Recreation Center. Registration is required and enrollment is limited. (LIC 304270323)


Parents/Caregivers and their children aged birth to five years old are invited to participate in our free weekly playgroup. The Playgroup meets at the Verano Commons, in back of the Verano Housing Office. A playgroup coordinator initiates conversation and activities with the expectation that parents/caregivers will get involved and join in the fun. There is no charge or registration, just a desire to meet other parents in Verano and have a positive experience with your child. This is not a drop off program.

Verano Summer Program

This fun summer program for children ages five through twelve years old is offered from the end of June through the end of August, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Activities include fieldtrips, sports, arts and crafts, and swimming lessons (limited dates). Registration is required and enrollment is limited. (LIC 304270323)

UC Irvine Child Care Services

In addition to the programs offered by Housing, the university's Child Care Services offers resources to parents and several child care facilities/programs (see below). For more information, including hours, locations, enrollment, and contact info, visit UCI Child Care Services online or call (949) 824-2100.

Extended Day Center

The Extended Day Center offers a developmental after-school program for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. We provide activities such as arts and crafts, sports, music and drama, books, computers, cooking, science and games — all in an environment that fosters cooperative learning, decision-making and problem-solving skills. Children have the opportunity to interact with other children of diverse ages and cultures, and parents are encouraged to be involved as observers and volunteers.

Early Childhood Education Center

Our Philosophy is based on the Piagetian Principle that children develop and learn in sequential stages by being actively involved in their environment. We provide an enriched environment that furnishes materials that can be used according to a child's developmental level. We encourage free choice in order to foster independence and develop confident and competent children. We encourage family involvement and work towards incorporating respect and dignity for every culture.

Children's Center

UCI Children's Center provides a quality Early Care and Education program for the student, staff and faculty families within the University community. The Center offers a rich variety of space, materials, and activities organized to promote children’s active exploration and learning. We provide opportunities for individual creativity and development, cooperative social interactions, and affirmation of one's culture and experiences. The needs of each child are met in a supportive and nurturing way. We welcome families as observers and contributors to the program.

Verano Preschool

Verano Preschool provides a safe and nurturing environment, which allows children to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically in a culturally diverse classroom. Children are given opportunities to interact with one another and build knowledge through hands-on learning experiences. Based on developmentally appropriate practices for young children, the curriculum is carefully planned and developed by teachers to challenge and stimulate children at their individual level of development. Daily activities include exploration in art, creative movement, science, math, music, dramatic play, literacy, and language. Parents are strongly encouraged to work with teachers as partners in educating their children. Family involvement is welcomed in the program.

Infant Toddler Center

Central to the philosophy of the Infant Toddler Center is the premise that children need to feel physically and emotionally safe in order to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of development. Parents, caregivers, and children form a respectful, responsive and reciprocal partnership with the goal in mind of providing as much continuity as possible between home care and day care. Of primary concern is the establishment of a strong emotional bond between caregivers and children. Additionally, we are interested in strengthening families to meet the varied demands of maintaining a career and a family in a rapidly changing world.