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Mesa Court

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The Mesa Court Center Attendants are responsible for providing general information about Mesa Court and assisting with the overall operation of the Community Center, Mailroom, Recreation/Fitness Center, and Housing Office. Such responsibilities include organizing, implementing, and evaluating programs, assisting with the room reservation process and audiovisual equipment setup. Center Attendants are responsible for processing, forwarding and distributing mail, providing support for the WEPA printing systems, checking for lost or damaged equipment, and monitoring and tracking usage of community study spaces. This position assists with the overall maintenance and upkeep of each public facility in Mesa Court. Center Attendants will also assist Professional Staff to complete various tasks and projects. All Center Attendants are expected to work their assigned shifts on weekdays, weeknights, weekends, finals week, and on some holidays. Training is mandatory and is tentatively set for August-September 2018. End date for this position is June 15, 2019.

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September 24th
11:59 p.m.