Mesa Court Towers Rendering Mesa Court Towers Triple Room Mesa Court Towers Quad Room

Mesa Court and Middle Earth are two residence hall communities housing first year students. In fall 2016, Mesa Court will open three new buildings--the Mesa Court Towers (pictured above). Find information about these facilities below, and get a glimpse of what they will look like in the photos and video linked above.

Key Features

  • Three 6-floor buildings will house 300+ students each
  • Community spaces (on the ground floor) include The Anteatery (dining commons), Taza (coffee house), the Court (study pavilion), fitness center, and recreation spaces
  • Bedrooms for 3 or 4 students
    • 245 square feet per room
    • Bed, desk, and wardrobe for each resident
    • 10-foot ceilings; Window open for air circulation
    • Beds will be bunked in the quad rooms
    • Floor plan info here
  • Same gender room pairs share a bathroom with 2 stalls, 2 sinks, and 2 showers with changing space. Bathrooms will be cleaned weekly by custodial staff.
  • Two floors of triple occupancy rooms share a Resident Advisor along with a great room, kitchen and laundry facilities. Floors with quads have their own RA and common room.
  • Each tower has one elevator and three stairwells and is secured by key card access 
  • Learn about Residence Hall rates here.

New Community Facilities Serving All Mesa Court Residents

  • The Anteatery - dining commons featuring full access for breakfast, lunch and dinner with international entrees, grill, deli, salad bar and more
  • Taza - coffee house
  • The Court Study Pavilion - computer lab, quiet study room, group study rooms
  • Fitness Center - cardio and weight training equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I select to live in Mesa Court Towers?

Freshmen students that apply for housing prior to the May 1st deadline will be sent their housing offers and asked their specific community, hall and room preferences during the Contract process in late May/early June. During the Contract process, students may indicate preferences, however preference requests are not guaranteed. 

Are there any double occupancy rooms in the towers?

The towers only offer triple and quad occupancy rooms. If you want to live in a single or double, you will want to check out our classic, 2-3 floor halls.

Will there be study space in the towers?

Yes, there will be study space on each floor in the towers. Mesa Court will also be opening a new Study Pavillion located next to the towers.

Why are the tower rooms priced differently?

Rooms in the towers are larger than triples in the classic, 2-3 floor halls, and share a bathroom with just one other room. 

Will there be air conditioning in the towers?

There is no air conditioning in the towers, but each room has two windows that can be opened for air circulation. Residents may want to bring a room fan to increase air circulation.

Where are the towers located?

Mesa Court Towers are located along Mesa Road next to the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.