Changes to the Housing Process

Ongoing uncertainties about the public health outlook for 2021 will impact the Continuing Student housing application timeline, housing guarantee, and the timing of housing offers:

  • Continuing student housing offers for Fall 2021 are not guaranteed. Offers will be made as space allows in accordance with public health measures in effect at the time.
  • Housing applications for Fall 2021 will open at 8 a.m. on January 20, 2021.
  • The Arroyo Vista/Residence Hall application will be linked to the Housing Gateway, and each of the American Campus Communities applications will be available on their respective websites. Students may submit one or more housing applications for the following options:
    • Arroyo Vista and the Residence Halls
    • Camino del Sol
    • Plaza Verde
    • Puerta del Sol
    • Vista del Campo
    • Vista del Campo Norte
  • There is no cost required at the time of application. If offered a housing contract for Arroyo Vista or the Residence Halls, a $350 reservation fee will be required. If offered a 2021-22 lease for one of the ACC communities, no security deposit will be required for new leaseholders.  
  • Lease/contract terms vary by communityArroyo Vista and Residence Hall contracts extend from Sept - June. ACC community leases are for 11.5 months and have varying start dates in June, August, or September. 
  • Housing offers will be made in application date/time order. Campuswide Honors Collegium students, Regents Scholars, and Chancellor's Excellence Scholars will receive priority consideration for housing offers if they apply by February 15, 2021.
  • ACC communities (Vista del Campo, Vista del Campo Norte, Camino del Sol, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Verde) will begin summer/fall 2021 lease offers in March, 2021.
  • Fall 2021 housing contract offers for Arroyo Vista and the Residence Halls (Mesa Court and Middle Earth) will begin in April.
  • Students eligible for Graduate and Family Housing (age 25 or over) may submit an application for those communities beginning on March 1, 2021 (Campus Village, Palo Verde, Verano Place). Lease offers in those communities will begin in May/June.
  • Room types available for 2021-22 (e.g., single, double, triple, quad) will depend on the community and on public health recommendations. Updates will be posted as they become available.

What Can I Do to Prepare?

Research and consider your options! Here are some features you may want to focus on:

  • Type of housing: Do you want to live in a residence hall (with a meal plan), a theme house (academic/fraternity/sorority), or an apartment?
  • Do you want your own room or a roommate? Different communities offer different room occupancy options.
  • Lease Term: Do you want housing for Sept - June or for an approximate 11.5 month period? Arroyo Vista and the Residence Halls offer housing for Sept – June. ACC communities offer approximately 11.5 month leases with June, August, and September start dates.
  • Housing Costs: 2021-22 housing rates will be posted in the months ahead, but this year’s rates will give you an idea of relative costs among the options. Student Housing rates are available here. Costs for options in the ACC Communities are available on their websites.
  • Discuss your options with family and possible roommates.
    • If your family contributes to your costs of education, what housing costs are they comfortable with?
    • Does your Financial Aid award support the cost of your preferred housing option? The funding available is likely to include options for loans, which must be repaid once you complete your studies, as well as parent loans. Make sure you understand your funding award options and obligations. Contact Financial Aid for more information.
    • If you are considering a 12-month (Verano Place, Palo Verde, or Campus Village for students 25 or over) housing option or an approximate 11.5 month (ACC Communities) housing option, you must pay for summer months, whether or not you are on campus. Is this manageable?
    • If you are considering a roommate or apartment-mates, are you all in agreement about a preferred community and floorplan?
  • Make a plan to apply!
    • Note the application (January 20, 2021, 8 a.m.) on your calendar and apply early to increase your chances of an offer.
    • If seeking housing with others, make sure that you all apply early and indicate the same housing preferences.

Want More Information?

  • Review Frequently Asked Questions and Answers here.

How Can I Request a Specific Roommate?

Roommate requests are not made at the time of application. Students who want to room together should apply as early and as close together as possible, and rank their community preferences in the same order.  Once community offers have been made, students will have an opportunity to make roommate requests for others who have been offered the same community. More information on that process will be provided in winter quarter.