Online Request Form

If you have a maintenance problem, please complete and submit an online Work Order Request Form by following the link next to your community in the table below. If a maintenance problem requires immediate attention, please complete the online Work Order Request Form and call your community Housing Office or your community duty line after hours.

For Internet / Cable TV service, go to the Residential Networking (ResNet) website and complete their online Help Desk form.

Community Work Order Request Housing Office After-Hours Emergency
Arroyo Vista (949) 824-3900 (949) 351-4228
Campus Village (949) 824-7491 (949) 683-0891
Mesa Court (949) 824-6177 (949) 872-8005
Middle Earth (949) 824-5976 (949) 824-4751
Palo Verde (949) 824-8918 (949) 651-3579
Verano Place Emergency: (949) 824-5964
Non-emergency: (949) 824-5965

Damage Billing

Students will be billed for parts and labor associated with all damages. There is a minimum fee of $20.00 per hour for labor. If the Housing maintenance staff cannot repair the damage, they will contact UCI's Facilities Management Department. Should that department be called, the minimum charge is $60.00.

At the beginning of the academic year, an assessment is done of each public area. Any damages beyond normal wear and tear, which cannot be attributed to a specific person(s), will be billed evenly among the residents of the particular suite, apartment, residence hall or house.