Student Housing is accepting applications for the following student staff positions. Click on job titles for details, and please note application Deadlines listed.

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Campus Village

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The Vice President of the Campus Village Student Association, CVSA, is responsible for aiding the president in ensuring that the Campus Village Student Association is serving its purpose of developing student leadership and representing the concerns of the complex.

CVSA VP Job Description

The Outreach Coordinator of the Campus Village Student Association, CVSA, is responsible for managing programs, both internal to CVSA and also with respect to all of Campus Village Housing while also collaborating with outside CV Resources for programming and outreach purposes.

CVSA Outreach Coordinator Job Description

The Housing Assistant (HA) serves as a graduate student residence liaison. For 2017-2018, 2 HA positions are available for Campus Village. The Housing Assistant is a student leadership position that is intended to develop positive relationships with graduate students. The following sections describe the expectations and requirements of the position. Students who are chosen for the position and who accept this responsibility are expected to commit wholeheartedly to each of these areas.

May 19th
5:00 p.m.